Thursday, May 26, 2011

Enjoyment of Blogging

As I've not written for a very long time, nor did I actually measure my whole intention of writing a blog (- to improve my English), I've realised the reason I've started blogging since 2006.

It has been a really interesting adventure thus far, back when I just started Uni, with the dream of making bucks, to now trying to make big bucks.

Life is truly an inspiring and yet, challenging game that many of us may not know. I've slowed down blogging as time goes by more responsibilities were shouldered upon. I think that is part of life that we thought those responsibilities deter us in many way to enjoy our life, or at least to fulfil what is needed.

I was wrong, terribly wrong! It is not exactly a responsibilities if you did not think it as a responsibilities. The reason state is that those things will never end, they will keep coming in, and how do you actually fulfil what is needed? No, you just have to be present and handle the quest. Life just makes it interesting that constraints or factors that slowed down your movement or arrangement to clear those pending work, but you know in yourselves that you will do it, if you have time.

I've been into many serious deep thoughts during the time that I wasn't blogging. I'm in a corporate world now, where belts, fountain pens, business card, the ride you drive, the shoes you wear, the phone you use, the presence you carry and many more, matters. Materialistically, it matters, but with so many flourishing things happen around, your main target was to remain humble and be who you are, just with little better tweaks in life.

I'm starting to realise what exactly is responsibility, whereby if you put your life in a Balance Sheet or Annual Report, you will know what is commitment (the actual one), what is crunching numbers, what is your asset that puts your life differently or on a different platform and most of all, the stakeholders (investors) in your life. They are they, but unites solely to see who you will be, that's the challenging part to balance life and work.

I can admit that I'm still a joker life before back in 2006, I still talked crap, even more in fact, but the right coil and right tune were attained. I'm in fact, in the point that, I'm not really sure myself the actual way forward, but pathing it possessed great challenge.

It varies between each individual, but if you have things to share, I believe it will be great to share in this posts!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

This is Not a Spyware, Badware or Malware Website

Damn seriously I don't understand why Blogspot will put my blog as one of the Spy,Bad or Malware sites.

Please be assure that this is a secure site and I'm still building another new sites. Off for temporary because do not have time to even sleep, nor to blog.

But my next project ain't about blogging, is more like story-telling, and etc.


Sunday, April 25, 2010

Income Tax Law: Foreign Source Income

Continuation from the previous post, and from the definition of Income Tax, that states that money that received in Malaysia but came from outside Malaysia are subjected to tax. The outside Malaysia term will fit in 'Foreign Source Income'. With effect from year 2004, individuals (again resident or non-resident) are assessable only on income accrued in and derived from Malaysia. This was an amendment made that any income that is made outside Malaysia is tax-free. But wait a minute? Is that possible. From the definition, and from Paragrah 28,Schedule 6 of ITA 1967, foreign source income is exempted from income tax.

However, with the term clearly defined, it still remain ambiguous at some point. The reason why as I put a scenario for you guys to think.

Mr J is a businessman from Malaysia and have been a Far-East representative for a company in US namely H. As a Far-East representative, his responsibility to do inspection and make report to the company H, via his expertise and experience in the industry. He is the only one in Malaysia that is working for H, and it had been going on since 2001 until now. All his money are paid from US and sent to Malaysia. With 2004 amendments on Foreign Source Income and by definition, he should be waived off from the tax.

But this remain untrue, as based on the true story and advise from accountants that audit his Income Tax stuffs, he is still entitled for the tax. And this may be the UGLY TRUTH, but I'm going to state to you guys. The reason is that, although the source is from Foreign, and it is subjected Mr J had to stay in US, just like if you are a Malaysian, have to stay for a certain period of time, only the income are not subject to tax.

This may seem funny, but I truly hope it can be debatable, but most auditors for Mr J had told the same thing. And this is a true story! Bite it and go!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Doctrine of Utmost Good Faith

With lots of doctrine that our fellow lawyers have to know, and remember, we as the Business Law student should know it as well. In fact, the whole nation should be aware of this as this Doctrines are the one that is guiding us and helping us especially for human rights.

In insurance law, from the previous post, Doctrine of Utmost Good Faith is one of the most important element, not in other contracts, but solely on Insurance Contract. With the definition that, each party to a proposed contract is under a duty to disclose to the other all information which would influence his decision to enter into the contract, whether such information is requested or not.

AS simple as it is defines, it means a lot to make sure each and every word counts. In fact, good faith can be termed as genuine faith, and things that is genuine that is informed is to ensure trust from both parties. This is very important as the failure to fulfil or giving material information, will subject the other party to avoid the contract. As insurance contract are based on mutual trust, and with information definitely more well understood by each party, it is their job and responsibility to enlighten each other regarding it. The mutual trust and confidence bonding between the insured and the insurer can be termed as uberrimae fidei, the same meaning as utmost good faith.

A very important case of this can be adapted from the example of someone who had heart and lungs problem. However, though not disclosed in his life insurance, nothing happened until SARS strike through one day. The impact was heavy (as it is an acute pneumonia) causes the guy passed away due to it. And from the thorough inspection from the doctor with the report being given to the company, the company chose not to pay or compensate to the family because it is stated that the deceased did not notify that.

Thus, in this Doctrine, telling the right and actual information is very important. It is not like life that sometimes we can make assumptions, no, not a chance. And with that, do beware and keep your insurance agent knows everything bout you well.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Caveat Emptor: Sales of Goods Law

Before continuing on the long Insurance Act case, let's bring back to one of the most important element in the chapter of Sales of Goods. As we can realise that each and every lessons that is learnt throughout the course, have something to be remembered.

As thus far, from
Contract Law, we have Doctrine of Stare Decisis,
Company Law, we have Doctrine of Separate Legal Entitiy
Insurance Law, we have Doctrine of Utmost Good Faith, and
in this context we have Doctrine of Caveat Emptor.

Taken from the Latin language, Caveat Emptor simply means ' Let the buyer Beware '.

How cool was that? But sound rather vague..but let me clarify some stuffs regarding it.

From Wikipedia explanation it goes like this,

"Under the doctrine of caveat emptor, the buyer could not recover from the seller for defects on the property that rendered the property unfit for ordinary purposes. The only exception was if the seller actively concealed latent defects or otherwise made material misrepresentations amounting to fraud. Before statutory law, the buyer had no warranty of the quality of goods. In many jurisdictions now, the law requires that goods must be of "merchantable quality". However, this implied warranty can be difficult to enforce and may not apply to all products. Hence, buyers are still advised to be cautious"

What does it mean is simply that, sellers should bear in mind the important elements of telling the truth. Of course, you and I know that in the real world, people will say that you won't earn money if you are telling the truth. But what let the buyer beware tells is that, the buyer should know the products and at some point, it is the seller's responsibility to ensure that the product is merchantable, or sell-able. This is essentially important, as many of us, can fall into a trap that this cases is actually a fraud or misrepresentation case. And as so many bad cases around the world, the only best method to counter this, is that, the buyer although guarded by this doctrine, should be smart and wise to choose and pick the right things, and know the right stuff.

And speculating on a small issue, let's put my name in this scenario, fictional but can happen.

Eric is eating in a Mamak Stall, and is having his sumptuous Nasi Kandar (wuallaa!). Having to savor his meal halfway, the waiter who served him earlier, walked to his side and wrote on the bill and placed it below the cup of his drink. Enjoying his food to the optimum, Eric did not flip the paper or bothered on the price? He is just too into the food. Great!!! And later after maximizing his marginal utility, he went to the counter wanting to pay before realising that the bill noted RM 15 ++.

Oh he goes, 'WOW, watha" and recalled what he just ate.
A plate of rice, with muttons and carry on top. No vege, no papadum, nothing extra. Just rice and mutton and curies. And what did he drink: Ice Tea.

In this situation, some people will just go, "S**t,we got cheated and this is very expensive, but never bother asking". And this is why a lot of stalls are taking advantage. But having listen to a talk by Prof. Dr. Ishak, from Sime Darby Corporate Culture Team, he shared that, this is all within our will to, simply, ASK. He said, "I know you guys ate the food, and the guy might be complaining that you taken a lot of mutton (which apparently is always taken by them), and all sort of reason. But the courtesy is still to ASK, to KNOW and to caution our RIGHTS".

Thus, in this scenario, don't be afraid to stand up, we are not picking up a fight, but just to ask and know, and if they usually charges that way, simply don't go and eat there anymore. But if not, you may stand in the chance of not paying that much.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

MMU GameFest 2: Behind the Scenes

the Tags!

behind the scenes of Behind the Scenes!

What a better name to name the event Behind the Scenes, having the worker of this behind the scenes, writing to you what is truly behind the scenes.

As you guys know, over the weekend, Multimedia University's Game Developers' Club had organized their annual (although only the second one this year) event namely GameFest. GameFest is a series of game festival that had been the core idea ever since 2 years ago with the GDC optimistic leader, Mr. Lee Xing Yao. This brings out the first series of Gamefest with an explosive start after having to collaborate with Cyberview Lodge and AMD for the event called Cyberfusion!

Cyberfusion was the true hardcore gaming event with breaking the World's Longest LAN Party with 38 hours. However, with the theme, Behind the Scenes tag in GameFest 2, yes, this year promise to be different? But how different?

One of the main thing about gaming is that everybody just play and play, whether is PC Games, LAN Games, Console or NEG (non-electronic games), but not many of us know how's the process of making the wonderful graphics and strong audio effects there is. With technology growing faster and stronger exponentially, we play better games but never know how we get better out of it. Thus this event main idea is to enlighten all gamers to know who and what is working behind them.

The main attraction starts with Game Development, whereby in our two days event, there will be 2 competition going on and 4 talks that had been done. The 2 competition includes 3D Max Modeling competition and Flash Game Competition that in needs truly the hard work and talents. In our talk, we have iPhone Application Talk that teaches and showed the audience how iPhone addictive games is made. On the other hand, with Codemaster, Malaysia's biggest company in game development, taking all 3 talks in fields of Graphics, Audio and 3D Modeling, it was full with people on every 1 and half hour talk by the expertise. Game Development competition and talks is our first event that is done in Multimedia University by us, because previously, we usually go to Codemaster office and learnt. The upbringing of the competition had brought up lots of talents and lifted up another industry from gaming. With winners list as below, we truly want to congratulate and encourage them to continually pursue their dreams in this.

Flash Game Competition!

excellent right?

3D Max Modeling Competition!

Codemaster's Master Ivon Smith talk! hehe..

iPhone apps talk!

3D Max Modeling Competition

1.) Nurulain bt Mohd Rafie (MMU)

2.) Roy Tan (MMU)

3.)Mohd Ridhwan Bin Borha(Lim Kok Wing)

Flash Game Design Competition

1) Lim Huey Yee (the One Academy)

2) Khor ShuQi (MMU)

3) Lim Jia Hoe (MMU)

As always, in our game events, nothing is left out that than the E-Games section. This time, with much more proper planning and with me, doing my very last event in Multimedia University, we promised to make it better - and we DID! Starting from the initial plan, me (Assistant Director) and Gavin, the team leader of Malaysia's #1 CS1.6 team, Team LZ had a discussion to make things better. And with brainstorming session, we came up with a plan of doing what DreamHack Winter did back in Jonkoping Sweden that is none other than the Octagonal Shape structure for our competition. With that, our event become the first event to do such structure for LAN Games competition. Our E-Games section were divided into three with two islands with Hexagonal Shape and the middle one, with Octagonal Shape. DotA took the first Hexagonal shape and the event was truly explosive as nearly all the Pro Teams had came to give Game Development and our event a support. CS1.6 competition crowd is even stronger this time, with 19 teams participated. COD4 had only 14 teams participated but that 14 teams had probably the one that shook the whole Dewan Tun Canselor with their commando-strong-explosive shouts!

With E-Games on the first day competing strongly, DotA's participation of 20 teams are playing group stage just like CS1.6. The match is long and hectic and at the end of the day, 8 teams from DotA and 8 from CS were named. Teams from CS1.6, with regular faces of Gavin, Julian, Rico, Hix, Rezza, Amir, Aiman, Aidil, Tecky and many more were present to battle for one of the early events for CS arena. While DotA gave even stronger respond with superstar players like Yamateh, Mushi, Sakura, DJSharky, Xigz and etc battle it out for this event. The competition were wild and with DotA being won by MUFC.Fishnet using the new format of best of 2, they edged the superstar team of Nirvana.MY followed by Inc'xLo. On the other hand, COD players battled their way out with ESP.Panik overtaken SWL.Oskot. COOP.My was third.
DotA Team competing in the first day!

The Newly-Formed Ex-KS team:-in the middle, the iconic Yamateh!

Team Ne'ue's KingZ!

Team DiV's Anthony

This player we don't know really know the name..hehe..just joking WANRO!

nyHix from Team LZ in ZOWiE's booth!

Ash from DuskBin

And who said girls can't play game..give our hands and hail to [FTZ]Perri

Top View for COD players

CS Competition was the surprise for everyone, as first this is one of the few matches in Malaysia that play Group Stage and next, we weren't able to finish our final. As time do not allowed, the Finals of Team LZ (lead by Gavin) and Team SUPERHEROES (lead by Julian) will face off in Quas CC next weekend. However, new guns who make their first appearance in Dreamhack Malaysian Qualifier, the team of TYT combine by Aiman's did their best to stand on 2nd runner up!

With other games involved, such as Console Gaming, this promised to be even better with Need for Speed Shift competition and Street Fighter 4 competition was up. NFS winner goes to Kassim edging off only 3 seconds faster than his competitor, Lee. Even closer the third place winner goes to Fadli with only 1 secs lost of speed to Lee with 1 minute and 25 secs. The SF4 competition is one of the most gruelling event with a crowd of 50 people observing the Pros battle it out. The 3rd and 4th placing fights of Kevin Teh and Mohamad Dinie had bring up the crowd spirit as both were very competitive. Upon getting third for Dinie, the final began. Michael Cheng edged his rival Leong Teng Fai with lots of his combo and with crowds getting really wild on Michael's side, Leong, fought back hard and strong and brings the match to overtime. The match was exciting that Michael won it, with the crowd still asking for more. A good event run by the Console Gaming team by Aaron Tiw.
Console Gaming that never felt so consoling..

Board and Card games is one of the new genre in GDC where it is always hidden played by our committees. This time, bringing up on the field, the event was truly brought up by lots of great participants ever since the early morning. Right beside their booth was the debut of Special Interest Group competition in Multimedia University. Special interest group are special items or hobbies that is played by individuals and to name some that you guys should know, Yo-Yo and Rubik's cube. And to name some that you guys don't know, pen-twisting, cup stacking and dice stacking. The competition were truly intense as well in this place with kids (twins) battled it out with the old guns. The competition were really interesting as many of us may have not known such thing (I mean for myself).

young and talented? This is what I mean!

It doesn't care whether you are blind or deaf, if you are good, you are just that good!

Swift of hands to stackS!

Our event director, Stanley presenting to the Winners! Kaspersky Six Months Anti Virus Prog! Woot!

MSI that is never SHY!

Zowie's DEBUT!

With talents spreaded across our GrandHall, MMU was so TALENTFUL that day that make our event truly an happening one. Our sponsors like Maxis had been supporting us throughout the whole event, with MSI giving us their laptop for the showcase of our GameDev competition. With ZOWiE making their debut in events in Malaysia, we are delighted to have them being with us, to continue strive for excellence in gaming development. Thus in this post as well, we will truly like to thank all our sponsors namely Kaspersky, Master Genius, Sensonic, MPH, MCL, AVF, Cyberview, War.Mart, Garena, MyCNX, Sapura, SMM, TheComicsCorner, Borders', Auntie Anne, Boomz, Sushi King, Little Akiba, ESPGL, New Era, E-Club, Zowie, Black Mango for all the products sponsor.

Behind the Scene of our Closing

For media sponsors, we are more than happy that LZ E-sports had provided us with their live coverage through their Facebook and website. GameAxis who had been supporting our ads and publicity is truly thankful as well. Through out the whole event, most of the sponsors, are nothing but delighted with how we truly aspire to bring up the game development in Malaysia. Apart from that, that for every great events, the main supporting team, will be Multimedia University and definitely our dear President, Prof. Dr. Zaharin Yusoff for his support towards what we truly want.

Thursday, February 4, 2010


Hi guys, the updates that I mentioned from my previous post, do not worry, I'm still awaiting the respond from some reliable sources so that I can feed you guys back. So stay tuneD!